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Heroic Malkorok Dead, Incite 9/14H

Even with dealing with both planned and unplanned absences throughout Malk's progression, two and a half nights was all it took to put this one in the bag.  Upon hearing the news (and learning we didn't get a proper screenshot), I hopped on to get double-D'ed by Dixee and Drak (they had to get me drunk first).  Special thanks to those who filled in for us.  Congrats, guys!

Heroic General Nazgrim Dead, Incite 8/14H

Not content with ending our raid week with a 0.5% wipe, our raiders banded together for a quick additional raid to close the chapter on General Nazgrim on our second pull of the night.  Even though Bortaa will say he didn't die, don't you fucking believe it for one second.  Shoutouts to Cursedbonez for tanking on his monk, and Bishop and Gonzoo for joining the guild for official progression credit.  Congratulations, guys!

Heroic Dark Shaman Dead, Incite 7/14H

After a bunch of wipes, the kill attempt was actually pretty damned clean.  Hailsatan bonus-rolled a trinket, and RNG once again shit on our caster's faces, just how Covalent likes it.  Congratulations, guys!  We ended the night with two near kills on Nazgrim, so look for that kill next week.