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Mythic Garrosh Dead, Incite 14/14M

Tier 16 officially comes to a close with a Mythic Garrosh kill.  Many thanks to our raiders and friends who have made this possible throughout the tier - we couldn't have done it without you.  Here's to level 100 and new raids to clear!  Great work guys!

Mythic Paragons Dead, Incite 13/14M

Mythic Paragons down... consistent Phase 4s on Garrosh... it's been a long journey, but now it's time to end this tier!

Mythic Blackfuse Dead, Incite 12/14M

Mythic Blackfuse down!  Much easier after the patch, without question.  Paragons looks like it's going to fall within the first few pulls of our extended lockout on 10/22.  Garrosh or bust!